The Special Tactics And Response (STAR) Team of the Warren County Sheriff’s Department was formed in 1995 largely in part to the increase in violent crimes, drug trafficking, and the use of weapons by criminals. The STAR Team consists of fifteen deputies who are extensively trained in operational tactics and high risk entry techniques. The mission of the team is to bring high risk critical incidents to a close with the least amount of risk to the officers and citizens of Warren County. Situations normally handled by the STAR Team include armed subjects, barricaded subjects, hostage situations, and the service of any search or arrest warrant where there is a high likelihood of violence.

The members of the STAR Team train regularly both in-house and at specialized academies throughout the region to maintain weapon and tactical proficiencies. The STAR Team averages approximately 20 call-outs per year. To date the STAR Team has a 100% success rate in resolving critical incidents with NO significant injury to suspects, deputies, or citizens.